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About Us

We are a leading assisted and self-publishing service provider in the US, with nearly a thousand signed-up clients. These authors who took a leap of faith are now penetrating and emerging from the saturated self-publishing market.

Dancing through time tides, we took the pandemic setbacks as an opportune time to rebrand after acquiring and merging with a digital marketing startup. We dearly hold onto our mission to continuously grow and morph into a better brand.


Our quality services, swift fulfillment, and aggressive marketing strategies set us apart. Having survived the ferocity of the COVID-19 pandemic is a testament to our dedication to providing optimum services even in the most challenging times.

We do not just publish books. We can transpose them into different media. We also harness the algorithms of the new media for target marketing and distribution across platforms, giving your book the maximum market potential.

We are a team of creative, innovative, and pragmatic individuals who will stream your works from page to the world. BECAUSE YOU DESERVE IT.

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