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A Christmas Tale: The Holidays with Out Fishy Friends

Truly, Christmas is the most felt holiday around the globe. No matter what your belief may be, December just feels a tad bit brighter and softer because of the approaching season. It’s finally the time to bring out those ugly sweaters and cuddle up near the fire, drink some hot cocoa as you observe the snowflakes slowly kiss the once earthy ground. And if you do not live in a place where it snows, you get to feel the slightly cool breeze in the air, taking in the glimmers from houses decked with colorful Christmas lights. Celebrating Christmas depends on the culture we grew up in.

“A Fishy Christmas” invites us to a whimsical world filled with adventure and a whole lot of under the sea creatures. A book for children, specifically crafted to tell them stories about the importance of family, kindness, and appreciating what mother nature has to offer. The book follows our little fish and penguin friends as they advertised their home waterways to tourists, then suddenly running into trouble. See how they will fix the problem before King Neptune finds out once you have grabbed a copy yourself.

Living in Sydney, Australia, Marianthe Anthony deeply connects with the sea on a personal level. When asked about what sparked her interest in the deep blue, she notes that she was studying and loaned a book about ocean life in the library. Now, she currently resides in a boat. Almost always surrounded by its mysteries, “A Fishy Christmas” was made from pure passion and interest. She recounts her days looking at penguins, seals, and jellyfishes in the aquarium. Compelled by their overall beauty, it drove her to write a book all about them, string a few human dilemmas or two, and tie it up with the most wonderful time of the year. A perfect combination, one might say.

The author also notes that she loves spending time with her grandchildren, opting for her to aim the nature of the book to kids who are also inclined to sea life. In her book, we have been reminded of the importance of family values and traditions. No matter what the circumstances may be, a family must stick together, and they must conquer every problem as a powerful unit despite such odds.

With its 29 pages, the book is creatively illustrated by ShannenParadero. Not only are the characters compelling-written for your kids to fully immerse themselves in the story, but the pictures are also drawn in a way every child could enjoy. In a time where almost every child has a smartphone in hand to keep them occupied, books like these could help them be lessened screen time and be more in tune with the physical written word and learn about morals and other life lessons that are not necessarily taught by the digital games that they play. “A Fishy Christmas” can guide them into understanding animals and, in a way, people too.

If you want to find out how our fishy friends overcame their nautical problem, go and grab yourself a copy now at

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