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A Constant Work-In-Progress: Journeys of the Heart and Dedication Poems by Tonia Jaehn

Life can be a series of twists and turns. We may never really know where we’re going or where we’re supposed to go, but God always has a plan for our lives, and whatever it may be, things always work out for us. Difficulties do grow miracles, and this is what author, Tonia Jaehn, shows us in her book, “Journeys of the Heart and Dedication Poems.”

Tonia’s life is nothing short of spectacular. Growing up in Oregon, she spent most of her childhood participating in groups such as the Rainbow for Girls, and 4-H, church choir, church youth group, and Methodist camp counselor for kids. Additionally, she was very active in her life, enjoying swimming, ballet, and long-distance running. Apart from all the other activities, she was fond of writing poems ever since she learned how to write at the tender age of six. Perhaps, this is the reason why she was called on by God to write her life experiences through poems, showing the readers her appreciation for life, including the people who touched her life.

Poetry, according to Tonia, is a “snapshot” of one’s personal and universal being, and this is shown through the themes that her poems vibrantly express. Poems such as “My sense of Peace” was written after her divorce, and living in “the hood” representing the pivotal turning point of her life through her words. Other poems such as “Dancing of Necessity” tell the story of her return from New York City to her home in Portland. The narrative tells the story from the perspective of a dancer, one who dances through trials and tribulations in life. It is a poignant poem that shows the reader of the author’s journey in finding peace and solace even with things not going her way.

Tonia’s artistry with her stanzas shows the readers that despite the circumstances that God has presented her, she was able to overcome and deliver such emotions that will make the readers see life through Tonia’s eyes. Despite the injuries, physical and emotional, that Tonia has endured, she has moved forward in her life, always looking for positivity in every negative thing. Although she admits that these injuries have hindered her from achieving some of her dreams, she has accepted this and continues to wander through life with the grace of God.

The book is dedicated to those who are still wondering about life, those who are just questioning moments where they are burdened with God’s challenges, and those who are looking for their purpose in life. Tonia’s life is a testament to what life has for all of us, and through her poems, readers will see that although circumstances may come, there are always miracles in difficulties that we face. Like Tonia, we are all a work-in-progress, being shaped through God’s guiding grace.

Tonia’s philosophy is simple, “ If you live your life in kindness, compassion and thankfulness, then grace will surely be yours.” Every poem will leave a mark in our hearts, telling us to stay still, be kind and always choose to wait for what God has for us.

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