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A Deep Dive Into the Renaissance Era Through Carla Nicole De Petris’ New Blog

If you are looking for a reliable source of information on the art and the Renaissance period, you have to check out Carla Nicole De Petris’ blog. Written for both scholars and casual art enthusiasts, Nicole’s blog offers wide resources and insights into paintings and other masterpieces. It is the product of the author’s decades of experience as an art historian, collector, and practitioner—all in one.

The blog largely reflects Nicole’s strong interest in Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino, the famous Italian painter who is part of the so-called trinity of great masters during the Renaissance period, along with Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo. In one of her entries, Nicole talked about Raffaello’s drawings, which usually preceded most of his creations. In this blog, Nicole shared some of Raffaello’s drawings and etchings, including watercolor designs for the Vatican. In another post, Nicole shared her insights into the life of Raffaello while in the city of Perugia, where the powerful Atalanta Baglioni commissioned him for a painting in honor of the death of her son Grifonetto. Nicole also shared several helpful video discussions, such as those held during the commemoration of the 500th death anniversary of Raffaello. In fact, those five centuries since the death of Raffaello inspired Nicole to start her blog about the famous painter. There are many other entries worth checking out in the blog that will take you to the past and bring out the allure of the old world.

Nicole’s blog is highly visual, with the actual copies of the artists’ paintings and drawings uploaded to the site. But apart from this, the author managed to relay her thoughts without alienating her audience by using familiar and layman terms. Her entries are also often short to keep the audience engaged but they are filled with enough information that a reader may need.

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