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A Life Journey Portraying Inner Healing, Recovery from Abuse and Trauma

Based on a true story, the novel Rose Sweetflower shows readers how one soul can overcome a childhood full of hardship and abuses, as well as a life full of heartache and loss, transcending grief and the mistreatment of others to become "Truly Loved". This is a journey of learning to love oneself and finding a family or a circle that is truly deserving.

Sweetflower's novel shows the consequences of trauma and abuse and how this can affect the soul and require an entire lifetime to recover. Her story follows Jasmine. She and her sisters spend their youth growing up in a variety of environments, from the deserts of Nevada to hilly Kentucky to mountainous Idaho. Sweetflower shows how the children suffer from their parent's separation. They are neglected by their mother and then kidnapped by their father, and in his household, they experience further abuse by their stepmother. Jasmine and her siblings must learn to fend for themselves, maintaining intact parts of themselves by keeping secrets. They must create a world, or a part of themselves, that the abusers cannot reach. Nonetheless, Jasmine experiences depression and anxiety, for her life is full of fear.

When her father passes, Jasmine gets over her feelings of being trapped and embarks on finding her true mother. Her soul searching is part of the process of healing from the psychological, emotional and spiritual damage she endured. The mistreatment's lasting effects include trust issues and an inability to set boundaries. Still, she searches for her birth mother for a long time in order to find the answers she so desperately longs for.

Readers will see what it is like to be repeatedly betrayed, to be let down by loved ones and be left with nothing but pain and sadness. They will see how a life of being unloved makes it so difficult to love oneself and find those who will also provide the love everyone needs and deserves.

Jasmine must repair her life and find hidden reserves of love in her heart. She must learn how to go beyond her tragic past and ultimately get control over her own life. With "Truly Loved," Sweetflower provides her readers with an inspiring story based on true events that show how they can prevail over immense hardship and keep their humanity.

About the Author

Rose Sweetflower comes from a mining town in Nevada. She and her sisters moved to Kentucky and then to Idaho. She went to Utah to pursue a career as a beautician, married, had a family and was a single parent. Her hobbies include hiking, rockhounding, exploring genealogy, and creating art. She travels with her current husband and plans on retiring soon.

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