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A Wife’s Ardent Tribute to Her Late Husband’s Bravery

It is never easy to accept the death of a loved one, no matter how much preparation you make. But sometimes, the best way to slowly come to terms with their passing is by celebrating their legacy and remembering them through the inspirational works they did when they were still alive. This was manifested in the book titled Windows and Pencil Sharpeners: The Story of One Man’s Journey through Disability

The book celebrates the bravery of Jack William Ward, who had to cope with debilitating learning disabilities and battleagainst cancer for 12 years. However, these struggles did not stop him from making the most out of his life and serving as an inspiration to those who surrounded him. With hundreds and thousands of people dying of cancer every year, the book reminds readers to abandon the stigma surrounding the disease and instead help those who are suffering to take one day at a time just like Jack did. 

Windows and Pencil Sharpeners was partially written by his wife, who goes by the pseudonym M.R. Ward. In an interview, M.R. Ward shared how her late husband encouraged her to write a book, even though she never saw herself as a writer. Jack was insistent that she publish a book because he had more faith in her than she in herself, the author said. It was not until the author found tributes written for her while going through Jack’s notes that she finally yielded to this request. Though rough and raw, the notes urged her to finish the book that Jack himself saw her write once, thus giving birth to Windows and Pencil Sharpeners. Now that the book has long been published, M.R. Ward shared that a second book is in the works. Even only through words, she wants her husband’s legacy and bravery to be remembered forever.

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