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A Writer’s Intimate Affair on the Play of Poetry

Poetry is my escape. Poetry is my friend

Our thoughts only linger in a limited space during our younger years in life based on our personal experience. As someone who is still innocent and naïve, writing poetry is only a form of emotional expression and a selfish conversation. I consider Poetry as my friend. Fast forward to being an adult, we deal a lot of things on our plates such as our career choices, relationships, family, and financial stability. As someone who is already experienced, writing poetry is one way to deal with the daily stress of life. It brings you comfort in solitude. It gives the peace you wanted away from the toxic world. I consider Poetry as my escape.

At some point, your intimate affair with poetry as a writer is exclusive and ineffable. The reason I admire more Australian author, Bruce Plant’s take on his collection of poems from the book the Songs of Sunshine and Rain: An Anthology of Wisdom for All Ages is its authenticity and carefree writing. Take note, this was even his first book. He explained that it is a journey of innocence to enlightenment. In the simple things, you will always be found beauty. The tone of his poetry is light-hearted, easy to delve, and relatable to all. Every written word on each poem has a natural flow.

Let me share some excerpts of his poems I can relate to:

To be yourself is to love

To be yourself is to give

It’s only in being yourself by love

That you truly being to live 

Wisdom and Childhood,

– Bruce Plant 

Your connection with the inner self is essential to life. Reading these lines reminds me to value my self-worth and honesty. I worked on that through the years I am younger, so I get wiser now. The youth of today conform their lives too much with society’s demand, which is so wrong. By doing that, they forget about their true self and pretend just to get approval from others. Living an authentic life is the truth of being alive.

If feelings are like seasons Like changing winds that blow Perhaps I shouldn’t question why   Just let the seasons flow

   Transience and the Seasons, -Bruce Plant 

Everything has its own season in this world. This is one philosophy I have in life. Unexpected circumstances can happen, then we get frustrated when things don’t go our way. I admit the season of pandemic made me feel winter decided to stay for so long. My feet are frozen, that I need to stay at home. We badly want spring to come, but the “waiting season” is taking too long. The value of patience is what Bruce Plant want to imply here. Enjoy the season of waiting, just the seasons flow!

Poetry can be powerful on its on way. A way to move our hearts, enlighten our mind, and bless our soul with wisdom. You can always get away with Poetry’s Play. 

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