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Alicia Brown: Inspirations, Passions and everything in between.

Alicia Brown is a seasoned author, having written many poems and short stories in her time. Her first published book is titled ‘A Cold New Year’, which she describes as a “suspenseful thriller that is sure to take you on a journey.”

When not writing, or reading stories from her favourite author Sophie Kinsella, she likes to wind down by watching movies, quiz shows and the occasional Sitcom.

Going back to her younger years, when her cousins would go to the stores to get toys, she would prefer to go and get books instead. Her love of reading and writing stems from the ability it has to take you away to brand new places. According to her, "Reading has always been my ultimate past time, there's nothing better than sitting down with a good book and getting lost a story... To me, it's another form of escapism. I get to travel to different times, places, meet new people, go on their journey, and have a front seat in their world."

A close second to her love of reading, is her love of music. She is usually the first one on the Dance floor at every party and she’s also a keen Zumba enthusiast. While Alicia embraces all genres of music equally, some of her favourite genres include classical, soul and musical numbers, with the songs from Disney’s ‘Hamilton’ being on rotation on her current playlist.

In terms of advice that she can give to upcoming writers, she says that by carrying a pen and paper with you at all times, you can easily keep all your little gems, views and ideas in one place. Having these at hand allows you to write down your ideas as they come to you, instead of waiting to write them down, and risking the chance of you forgetting what you thought about.

She also suggests that its important to take some time out from writing if you feel that the ideas aren’t flowing as they should. This will allow you to refocus and be able to come back to your project with fresh eyes and a new mindset.

Alician also enjoy baking, specialising in baking Muffins and Cookies. While she admits that decorating cupcakes is not her strong suit, she is always willing to improve, and has taken classes and watched many YouTube videos to hone her skills. Always one to try new things, Alicia has expanded her portfolio to include Apple Crumbles, Sweet snacks, savoury breads and more...Who knows, maybe one day, We’ll be seeing her name on the front of a Cake and Decoratingbook too!

Alicia is currently working towards publishing more of her stories in the future, while also continuing to work on her skills outside of writing too. Always smiling and looking forward to the next challenge, she is constantly inspired by the world around her and it is this inspiration, that fuels her passion for writing.

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