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AM I ENOUGH?Agape by Adénike Sanni

“One thing I know… is… everything hidden will always be exposed with time.” –Abigail, from Agape by Adénike Sanni.

What does it really mean to have a real connection with someone? Is it when two people share hobbies, life stories, or is it about exchanging secrets? According to science, a human being is a social species reliant on cooperation and ultimately becoming a part of society. But when it comes to philosophy, a human being is defined as a physical entity full of intelligence with a purpose in life. Simply put, a human being is being human.

As I was reading through this book, I understood that no matter how strong your connection is with one person, there will be moments in our life that can make these fragile connections snap in the blink of an eye. Manipulation and deception play a prominent role in the destruction of these so-called connections.

In some aspects of my life, I can relate my experiences with the characters in the book because I myself am struggling day to day with small inconveniences I can quickly move on from. Then at one moment, I’m suddenly faced with life-changing events. Agape has a lot of underlying plots relating to love – self-love, love for friends, love for the truth, and even for writing - because the characters are both simple and complex, we become entirely taken over them.

This book is not only interesting for its plot, but it also allows the reader to ease into and relate to the way the characters have conversations and interact with one another. More importantly, because the author has transformed her original playwright into this book, we can smoothly navigate the book with its easy-to-understand writing style.

About the author: Adénike Sanni was born in Africa and moved to the United Kingdom as a child. With the support of her parents, she began learning ballet at a young age, which, in turn, sparked her passion for performance and drama. When she was in high school, she also explored the world of acting and made various playwrights for her local family church. She then went on to university and took an English-speaking board examination which prompted her to study poetry, and this event became her first experience on stage.

The author is inspired by art itself because, for her, art speaks the truth – no matter how bitter it may be to digest. Adénike, having been in the Performance and Arts industry her whole life, established The Solid Rock United Nations. This production company focuses on various performance arts as well as creative writing.

According to Adénike, “When I am not at The Solid Rock Studio, writing and directing, I am most likely at home painting a moment, whilst listening to music and rediscovering life. I also find young people, with their passion and zest for life help to shake me out of my creative comfort zone which helps to inspires me in thinking inside, as well as outside and in between the box.”

For more information about Adénike Sanni author and The Solid Rock United Nation productions, you may visit this link

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