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An Adventure with Magical Horses Puts a New Spin on Greek Mythology

With "My Personal Fables," Sadie Chapman delves into mythology and depicts the adventures of Pegasus and special unicorns whose exploits depict Greek and British legends in new and interesting ways. In this exciting tale, readers, young and old alike, will follow these magical beings as they go on quests and protect the world from supernatural threats.

The tale begins when Pegasus selects the elite of his cadre of Olympian winged steeds to go to Earth for a special mission. This marks the origin of a new species of magical creatures that even the Greek gods have not yet encountered. Due to this, the unicorns are born, made in three kinds. There are the Day Unicorns, the Earth Unicorns, and the Night Unicorns, with different kinds of powers which they use for healing and to protect the Earth. They become the guardians of the world after the reign of the dinosaurs.

Among these incredible creatures is a particularly special mare, who is the protagonist of the tale. Readers will see how her life is changed completely when she is chosen for an even greater purpose, something unprecedented even for a magical unicorn.

Sadie's tale also takes on various myths, such as the origin of Hippocampus, who was once a unicorn before transforming into the water horse of lore due to a gift from Neptune, the god of the sea. The exploits of these unicorns will not only treat readers to incredible feats of supernatural power but also emphasize universal lessons and values, such as love and selflessness. This is embodied in this excerpt of the book:

"Truth and Seequest are connected by Pegasus crystal heart, when they emerge together their own personal magic to give Seequest even more powers which then creates a complete miracle and also makes him the Unicorn - king to his kind and later to our horses of today too."

The adventures of these mystical beings and how they bravely face adversity together with each other underscores timeless life lessons that readers can take with them. This makes Sadie's work an ideal bedtime story for parents to share with their young ones as well. Her story also imparts a crucial lesson to her readers, namely that they should aspire to continue doing well even if life's challenges seem overwhelming. As Sadie says to her readers: "Sometimes things go wrong for you because you deserve something even better than you could have even imagined before."

Both versions of Sadie's book have received numerous great reviews on Amazon. It will also have an audiobook version soon. And a sequel, "The Legends of the Mystical Horses," is also coming out soon, so readers will see the further adventures of these fantastic beings.

For more information, interested readers can visit or purchase the book on Amazon.

About the Author

Sadie Chapman is 48 years old with a bubbly personality. She has been happily married for twenty-five years to her husband and has two beautiful children who are now adults. Sadie has a rich well of experience, having taken on many different jobs over the course of her life. She enjoys helping people and animals. Sadie plans to start her own business as a spiritual and creative life coach. One of the inspirations for her stories is a Friesian stallion that pulled her carriage on her 40th birthday, this steed is the one featured on the back cover of the book.

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