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An Assessment of Modern Spirituality in Frank Daversa's Spirituality in the 21st Century

In the modern world, spirituality is a topic that is rarely discussed among societies because there are many distractions in the world that makes it difficult to do so. For so long, the world has immersed itself in worldly things, forgetting that the spirit also needs nurturing. With that being said, many of our brethren turn to self-help books to appease their emptiness. One author, however, shares his assessment of 21st-century spirituality. An insight into what society is doing now and what it really is today.

Released in 2022, Frank Daversa's height of the pandemic Spirituality in the 21st Century offers a look into the divine, the world, and life. It presents a direct assessment of the spirituality that exists today. The book's concept is revolutionary as it defies the common knowledge about spirituality, breaks down the assumptions, and discusses the truth of the matter at hand. The comprehensive guide will allow readers to see more than the surface and view spirituality and the world in a better light. Daversa's direct-to-the-point approach is commendable as the absence of parables, metaphors, and dogma makes it easier for readers to understand the essence of spirituality and the truth that the book offers. To others, it might look like an unprecedented sermon, but Frank Daversa's words speak of love beyond whatever the world could give.

The author, Frank Daversa, is a freelance writer who has already published three books so far. Spirituality in the 21st Century is a self-published book that has garnered much praise for its comprehensive yet understandable take on spirituality, life, and the world. He also wrote and self-published a book that provides an in-depth background into America's two-party political system entitled Politics in America: A Guide to the Two-Party System. The third book that he co-wrote and self-published is entitled Young Adolf: An Alternate History which is a historical juxtaposition of the real-life childhood of Adolf Hitler with a fictional, kind-hearted female character two years his senior. Even with its romantic theme, it asks the readers to ponder the young Adolf Hitler's life and questions whether his love for someone can be strong enough to change the course of history and the world.

What readers will like most about the book is that the down-to-earth approach does not sound condescending but explores human consciousness in a way that it will have one thinking about their own human spirit, their own souls, and the souls of others. In a world full of chaos and destruction, Frank Daversa asks his readers to look from within themselves to understand what their spirits need. After all, spirituality is a broad concept that includes a sense of connection to something bigger than ourselves, helping us search for the meaning and purpose of our lives on earth. The wisdom, philosophy, new spiritual truths, and practices that Daversa impart are one of a kind as they encourage one to grow in love and spirit.

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