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An Author’s Summer Exclusive To-Do List

An author’s job is to write. These outputs come from inspiration or experience, or both. And when these are in a drought, summer can deliver that lightning-bulb moment perfectly. The sun’s heat definitely offers a different flavor to an author’s life that will reflect on his/her writing.

This bucket list might help you.

Spend the Day Outside

Plan and pick for a nice day and forecast and spend time in nature. It has been shown that humans’ exposure to nature helps with attention, an effect also known as the Attention Restoration Theory. Watch the sunrise or sunset, walk to your local park, anything that displays you closer to nature. Thus, it makes outdoor time essential for developing the ability to concentrate - especially when you are planning to write your next big thing!

Learn to Cook

Don’t get the wrong idea. Cooking is not exclusive to summer only but some of our favorite ingredients are! Vegetables in the season when in summer are radishes, arugula, cucumber, beets, bell pepper, carrots, zucchini, garlic, corn, and rhubarb. Additionally, fruits that are available in summer are apricots, plums, cherries, blackberries, nectarines, strawberries, peaches, tomatoes, passion fruit, melon, lemon, and limes. Foods that are in season means that they are cheaper than those that are not.

A diet rich in fruits and vegetables is correlated with higher levels of well-being, demonstrated by increased curiosity and creativity, perfect factors for a writer.


Freewriting is the technique of writing into your journal or documenting every thought that comes to mind without judgment, without restrictions, and without revisions. It helps an author get into the flow or train of his/her thoughts that will him/her to more specific pieces of writing. It is a popular cure for writer’s block because it prevents creative hindrances. It inhibits negative emotions such as fear and anxiety by providing a safe environment where mistakes are not only forgiven but also encouraged.

Read, Read, Read

What better way to compliment the hot season than to read a piece of literature. As the saying goes, “People inspire people”, the same goes for authors. Reading in new forms of writing can trigger that inspiration for your next body of work. Try to read like a writer rather than a reader to find new ways of writing.

Experiment With Your Routine

Although routines take quite some time to establish, it is scientifically proven to keep the doctor away. According to the American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine, routines are important in order to reduce health care burden and improve a patient’s disease management. When a person has already structured his/her healthy habits into a routine, it is possible to experiment or add other healthy choices or options into it. The advice of the American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine is to slowly incorporate new things to add in your routine because adding in too many changes to a day will likely be difficult for the patient to sustain and may result in “behavior relapse”. Additionally, too much change, too fast is likely to end without positive results.

Summer is one-fourth of the seasons. And each season offers different opportunities. Seasonal experiences may vary. Make the most out of it and create better crafts!

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