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An Equine Love and Escapades: The True Story of Praze and Beeble

Horses are known as healthy equine animals that are used in transportation, royalty business, and sports. They are present at most human activities that make them a popular domesticated animal that serves a lot of purpose in our lives. Like other animals, they need our love and care to sustain their strength and speed, bringing us to different places. There is a book published entitled a Beeble's Story, a sweet animal tale narrated by a sentimental and beloved horse as a form of appreciation to what comfort horses can bring on human duties and needs.

Jill Cawsey, the author of the book Beeble's Story, grew up in England working with the New Forest ponies. That lead her to become a forever horse lover. She moved to Australia – as a young teacher. Horses continued to be a significant part of her life. She went on being a horse trainer and an animal reiki practitioner. She has natural horsemanship and also delves into many alternate animal therapies. As a retired and resident in Tasmania, she decided to share the story of her twin Arab Geldlings named Beeble and Praze.

The entire book unravels these horses' lives growing up together, training, adventures, and typical life as twin horses in Australia. It was written in realistic descriptions of what horse activities look like, and kind of riding style happens. The events are presented chronologically, which highlighted both humorous and challenging time in their life journey.

Overall, the book Beeble's Story: The True Story of Braze and Beeble – Twin Arab Geldings Growing Up, Their Adventures and Escapades, is a heart-warming and sentimental read you'll ever love, especially for animal lovers out there. Reading the book will make you learn the world of an equine animal like horses, the typical routines they do in a day, and some raising horses. Check out more details about the book here:

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