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Are You Living or Just Existing?

"She gets knocked down but gets up again because nothing or no one is going to keep me down." – Fiona Carpenter.

There are various meanings of life. People have their own stories to share – silent battles that each person has gone through. Behind each smile of every person, you have probably met are struggles that they have endured. Life is a non complex word but carries a deep meaning behind it. It makes us reflect and think too profoundly about it.

That is why I want to ask you this, are you living or just existing?

Fiona Carpenter, the author of the book Life of a Bondi Girl, presented an inspiring and uplifting story of her journey as she takes on a courageous battle and hindrances that she has fought in her life with determination and resilience. Through her book, she aims to inspire thousands of people to come to pass life's uncertainty and obstacle.

Fiona Carpenter is a 46 years old woman diagnosed with a brain tumor. Despite this, she is yet similar to a blooming flower in a wilted field or a ray of sunshine behind a gloomy sky. Notwithstanding all the impossibility that this world would bring, Carpenter continues to give light and hope to everyone that nothing is unattainable. She has always been part of the people's smiles in her life with her joyful personality and compassionate heart. She enjoys being physically fit, and she constantly strives for self–improvement that has always given her a mentally strong attitude that people have always admired.

"It doesn't matter how low you fall from Grace; it's how you bounce back. When challenges arise, take time, think about and calmly react." – Fiona Carpenter.

Hope and stillness are somewhat a distant word for many. That is why most people envied those who have the perspective of life the way author Fiona Carpenter perceives what really matters in living. Through her lateral thinking, as she thinks outside the box, she continuously gives her 100% in everything that she does, and her love for life is undeniably evident.

Many people have supported her brain tumor journey. It has inspired her to share her story in her book Life of a Bondi Girl. She encourages every reader to hope that her adversity has helped her grow into an inspiring person. It would also give us comfort and encouragement of how beautiful living truly is.

Follow more of Fiona Carpenter's journey of moving forward in her book Life of a Bondi Girl.

For a great cause, she is also advocating a fundraising program as she desires to swim in The Pan Pac Masters Games. As well as to raise valuable funds that would go towards innovation in the prevention, care, and control of cancer through Cure Cancer Australia and Cancer Council NSW.

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