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Bob Šablatúra: Explaining Physics in Layman’s Term

Over the course of history, there has been a series of different thoughts and theories about life, terrestrially and extra-terrestrially. These exact thoughts concerning to the existence of life and its related theories has ultimately defined current human understanding. Conversely, over the years numerous theories have all been developed from observations and their explanations have been presented to the public to choose from. All these different theories may have different levels of importance, for an individual but their impact on society and humanity is undeniable.

The ideals and hypotheses of individual enthusiasts including that of Bob Šablatúra, practically present such ideas and corresponding evidence in attempt to enlighten the reader of their thoughts. Bob Šablatúra is an inspired, well-educated man where he does not simply try to convince people about his thoughts and ideas. He use’s evidence that he has discovered himself and which is based in contemporary physics and mathematics, to show or illustrate his ideas such that anyone can understand them.

His inspiration stems from a love of all thing’s Science, Life, the Earth and the Universe. At the age of 5, he became addicted to the science program featuring Professor Julius Summer Miller and late on his interest grew where he would follow numerous educational programs based on science, especially that of ‘Disney Science’. Entering his teenage years, a UFO crash in the local area where he lived, subsequently a burning desire grew within him to know and understand, the how and why? Whilst many talked about it, only his father exhibited the inquisitiveness to explore and experiment with a UFO fragment from the crash site’s location. This involved using a blowtorch, nitric and sulfuric acid to determine how this material would respond to this type

of testing.

In retrospect of his father’s reckless experimentations and Erich von Däniken’s sensationalized claims about UFO’s, Bob Šablatúra was spurred on to find out all he could about the initial subject matter and to further his interest with real science. As he grew older, he became even more interested in exploring other phenomena that affected the world and their ideas about life. To validate his exploration, Bob Šablatúra studied and earned the following qualifications; Associate Diploma in Applied Biology from the University of Technology, Queensland 1980, Bachelor of Science Degree majoring in (Physics, Physical Mathematics, Electronics, Computing and Science Technology and Society) Griffith University 1988, Graduate Diploma in Education majoring in (Sciences and Computing) from the University of Technology (UTS), Sydney Ku-ring-gai Campus 1989 and Masters in Education from the University of Western Sydney 1995. Bob Šablatúra is currently continuing his studies with a PhD in Education and Science at the University of Newcastle NSW.

Having had a 25-year career as a science teacher, Bob Šablatúra has always had a genuine love for experimentation and to understand the how and why. This attribute contributed to the composing of his book, ‘Dark Matter, Unified Field Theory, and UFO’s, Are Understandable and Achievable’. A book that simplifies preconceived terms of physics for the layman. His passion for science enabled his explanation of varied theories, such as unified field theory and black hole collisions to a broader audience. His utilization of familiar elements and illustrations is incorporated to enhance common understanding of his scientific theories. His investigations identified through explorations and acquiring of knowledge is established in his book, with a purpose to create heartfelt appeal for people to embrace physics. Especially for those people who do not have the technical capacity to discern deeper into an interesting phenomenon and yet it can be explained through physics.

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