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Celebrating Raffaello’s History and Works Beyond Life

We view death negatively. Most people are fearful of facing their end and of watching their loved ones meeting their ends too. We are afraid of dying because we do not understand yet what to have after this life. Meanwhile, some are just afraid to leave their loved ones. In other words, death is a gift of life we never wanted to claim. People do not like to celebrate death the same way they celebrate life. But in Raffaellfo’s case, it was different.

The Istituto Italiano di Cultura Los Angeles exhibited the Raffaello 500 Maestro Universale 1520-2020—to celebrate Raffaello’s life and works. It is an act of bringing vivid life to his crafts and to let the people know, regardless of their ages, genders, and status in life, that his works are essential and brought massive contributions to who we are right now. Unlike our current tradition, we never throw a party to someone’s death—instead, we create silence and offer prayers to our loved ones who lost their lives. But Raffaello’s death does not represent a symbol of loss; instead, his death is a symbol of gain—mostly to those who have been acknowledging his works.

In this honoring exhibition for Raffaello, it includes exciting lectures that will add further information about him. Even Carla De Petris was agitated as she saw the Madonna of Divine Love described as, “1518 painting on wood of the Madonna of Divine Love by Raffaello e Aiuti.” Honestly, this event will motivate everyone who aspires to become a noble artist one day. It is essential to know and be part of similar events like these because the following steps of a victorious artist will cause influential factors as you desire to reach your own goals. Furthermore, let your life as an artist be continuously driven with encouragement and rational motives.

Our dedication to someone who inspires our dreams’ roots should not only last while they are still alive. Instead, we must endlessly acknowledge them and share all the glorious things they have done in our world. In celebrating Raffaello’s works, it only conveys the deep respect people have to him. Because even after this life, he is still remembered as one of the greatest artists ever lived. Indeed, being forgotten after this life is evil than death. Even to our loved ones, we should never fail to retrieve pieces of their memories and good-doings, the same way we did to Raffaello.

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