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Continuation of Intellectual Progress: Newton’s Standing On Giants Shoulders and Its Simplifications

We all seem to like discoveries, and it does not matter in what form. It may be a scientific discovery, a hidden talent discovery, or even discovering your father’s mistress. The point is, there is always a unique feeling when we learn something new. Sometimes, when we come up with a great idea and turn it into an exciting discovery, we suddenly stumble upon a piece of sad news conveying we are not the first one to discover this matter. For this reason, we realize most of the ideas in our minds are already occupied and found by someone in the past. It can be heart-wrecking to realize that discoveries are not much of a deal nowadays, and all we are left with is to learn and prepare to be fascinated by the discoveries before.

However, there is nothing wrong about discovering nothing. Not all people are bound to find something, because some are just meant to learn and comprehend the art of what people have found from the past. When Newton said, I have seen. Further, it is because I have stood on the shoulders of giants. It only implies humility over those who have discovered great things and how their contributions remain beneficial for all the on-going discoveries.

Metaphorically, standing on the shoulders of giantswhich Isaac Newton stated, means: using the understanding gained by major thinkers who have gone before to make intellectual progress. In other words, it doesn’t matter if our discoveries are already familiar, but what’s essential is we support and ground ours to extravagant findings before. It’s all in the source that our creativity, ideas, and discoveries are being appreciated. Moreover, a discovery before must not stop there; instead, it must proceed until an existing generation.

On the other hand, a one-act play with six scenes about the mathematician Isaac Newton was written by Arthur Ziffer and Herbert Hauptman, the 1st mathematician to win a Nobel prize. (He won it in chemistry for his application of advance mathematics to problems and crystallography.) The play is titled On the Shoulders of Giantsand the story revolves around Newton when he was still the master of the hint in England. With Ziffer and Hauptman’s creativity, they could write the play aesthetically menacing, which undoubtedly contributes massively to the English literature. In this play, written by Ziffer and Hauptman, we will comprehend more about Newton’s standing on the shoulders of the giants. The play will provide us with clear insights about it. On top of that, it will ablaze the fire within us to learn more and go for great discoveries.

Indeed, one life is not enough to learn and seek for more discoveries. However, we should be wise enough to ground our learnings on shoulders of giants so we will not fail ourselves in the end for letting trivial things consume our precious time. We must continue and strive harder so that we will be able to contribute life-changing ideas and discoveries that will genuinely change the image of this world.

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