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Dean Matthews on a Daring Move for The Dark Taal’s Chivalric Appeal

Do you agree that the most challenging genre to write is fantasy novels? We must agree with that. As they say, you need to succeed in these two as a writer. The first factor is creating a make-believe world. In writing a novel, everything must be described in detail because the reader is invited to a new world. It must appeal to your reader’s senses so they will accept that world. The second factor is a compelling plot. The storyline must balance out with the character development throughout the novel. Both factors are a big challenge for a writer. 

Dean Matthews

Dean Matthews admitted that he has written many short stories but are not published as life happens and priorities are given. This fact did not stop him from writing more. The love for fantasy stories from his youth motivated him to even come up with writing fiction in a fantasy novel. By then, he decided to write a family history written from his perspective. He thought it would be better to inject an element of fantasy and make a longer version of a story. That book now is no other than The Dark Taal. 

The Dark Taal is a book about fighting against overwhelming odds. The story’s plot is drawn into a conflict involving the Bruin family living in a world where honor, chivalry, and decorum is paramount. The family featured in the books he has written is actually a portrayal of an ordinary family. They are the type of family who is happy living off a simple life. They do not covet wealth and social standing.

Understanding his stand and values in his stories, you will realize that he is an advocate of justice and fairness for our world today. He explains that the problem now is a lack of equity and not only equality at a point. Knowing that 80% of the world’s wealth belongs to 2% of the world’s population calls for a red flag, the source of global issues and problems. He believes that there is enough for everyone; it is just a case of disturbing the world’s resources evenly.

Moreover, The Dark Taal, as a fantasy book, provides an escape from the rigors and stresses of modern living. It has a less complicated world where long-lasting comradeship exists because people’s needs are less superficial than today. Set within the countryside makes it appear a more harmonious and peaceful getaway-kind of literature. People are also more chivalric, meaning they are loyal to service and the country’s people. They are hoping that leaders we have today must have a chivalric appeal to their constituents as well. Read this novel to get a moment of magical escape.

Have this knock for fantasy novels? Do watch out for the next book in the series entitled “The Shadow and the Shards.” The Dark Taal novel is available now on Amazon for $7.99 and kindle for $3.99. You can contact the author for queries at, or Dean Matthews, the Dark Taal.

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