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Decoding The Language of Babies

The study reveals that a baby turns out to be bossing their parents around. Is your baby the real boss in the house now?

If you are a first-time parent, you still have a lot of questions in mind about raising a baby. At first, the house may be filled with so much excitement when the baby arrives at home. Be prepared, though; the real battle starts as your baby grows from the first month to the third month. 

Goodbye to calmness and goodnight sleep, parents! Get ready when the baby will cry and babble for breast milk or a midnight cuddle. This situation can make you clueless, helpless, and sleepless. Better learn how to decode your baby’s thoughts through their unique language. 

Baby Talk is an infant-directed speech that facilitates language learning to babies. When babies babble, they are communicating exactly what they want to happen. It means that they are not trying to speak words. Babies are expressing a specific command to their parents, leading to their own satisfaction. It is also babies’ way to maximize their learning potential of speaking the real language by observing how their parents will respond or interact with their babble. They are being bossed babies in the best possible way. Isn’t it cute?

Some studies determine that if a baby babbles at a particular object, the parent will likely talk about it. For example, the baby starts babbling at the bottle of milk or pillow. The parents will decode it as the baby wants to drink milk or touch the pillow. Therefore, the parents will eventually let the baby drink milk or get the pillow so the baby can touch it. Research suggests that while giving in to your baby’s command, you may also say the word “milk” or “pillow” repeatedly. Either way, the baby appears to be learning something new as they set in motion. So, don’t overthink the message of your baby. The best way to understand is to pay attention to interacting with your child. 

Angela Anerphy, the author of “What Does My Baby Dream of?”, mentioned that her first daughter inspired her in writing this book. She has the same concerns and worries with other parents; she’s afraid that she won’t understand her baby as it can affect the behavior as the baby grows.

It only comes to that inevitable desire of parents to understand their children. This is a never-ending bond between a parent and a child. It can be challenging, arduous, and exhausting, but at the end of the day, the love for your child will still count the best. Patience and Understanding will always be part of parenthood. Admit it that your child’s smile is still the best gift you’ll have in your life being a parent. 

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