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Do Childhood Memories Affect Our Growth?

Childhood can be good and bad, and sometimes, it can be both. While other adults love to recall their younger days, some would instead put it in a grave and leave it behind intentionally for the sake of mental and emotional health. As we came from different family and cultural backgrounds, it can be incomprehensible to understand one another. According to Akua Mind & Body, “Emotional regulation, consciousness, and memory, distorted perceptions of perpetrators of abuse, difficulties in relationships, low self-esteem, and a weak outlook on life are all known factors in adulthood that occur from childhood trauma.”

For that matter, let us talk about Asya Shmaryan’s novel titled: Sky Lord. The book has a hundred and seventy-four pages, divided into four parts. It tells about Aaron Dalton--- recalling his challenging childhood in his early 20’s. The first part of the novel introduces the unfortunate event that most children experienced these days: Aaron’s parents died. It is indeed a heart-wrecking situation for most children to face a life without their guardians and having to survive this tough, harsh world at a very young age, but luckily, they were left in the care of two men-guardians. However, the novel does not focus on Aaron’s cruel childhood memories, but how these unfortunate events affect him to become a flying man.

Additionally, the novel also proves a point about: who are you going to listen to when you are still a naive young child? Along the way, Aaron has met different kinds of people and often ask them about their lives. Of course, growing up without a guardian is truly difficult. Although recalling Aaron’s childhood memories bring a usual heartache, Sky Lord still tells a story that a superhero does not need magical powers to save the world. Aaron becomes a flying man in the most unusual yet relatable way. To know more about the continuation of the story, kindly check Sky Lord, written by Asya Shmaryan on Amazon.

Undoubtedly, the book was written with great eloquence and in the most realistic way. Sky Lord will entertain your soul and show you the best in lesson life that regardless of what we went through in the past, there is a superhero within us, ready to rescue those in need.

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