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Elevating Esteems for Sexual Expression: Why women are allowed to do that?

Why should women always receive encouragement every time they are expressing themselves?

First of all, the women’s community must uplift each other rather than try tearing one another. It’s awful to see how a group of women destroy another woman’s reputation when all along, acceptance and support should come from each other. In a world where every female agenda is taken down because of social beliefs, this is the best time to love each other as a woman and increase each confidence in facing the world of judgments. In the same way, Katie Santee shows her compassion to every woman in terms of finding and showing sexual awareness within them—she wrote a book. A lot of people may perceive her book as nothing but an erotic one that will provide nothing but lustful thoughts, but the truth is, Santee’sbooks are more than that. 

You Were Mine for a Time contains four stories portraying the aesthetic form of sexual passion and women’s sexual awareness. Santee’s books are truly unique in the sense of proving her support to other women. In her novel, it does portray not only scenes erotism but also how it elevates women’s image on sexual awareness and expression. When our culture, tradition, and society condemn us for not following the norm, we should prepare ourselves from rejection and criticism. However, their words should not stop us from expressing who we are. In the same way, women are oppressed by their sexual expression. 

Women are allowed to express their sexuality because it is their identity—it makes them who they are. By denying their identity, is truly an injustice for those who give us life. In a world where masculinity is overly romanticized, may we never forget who bear us for nine months and gave us life. Women gave, gives, and will give life—for this reason, their worth and freedom to show themselves to the world should remain unquestionable. 

Santee’s books will help you have a sense of motivation to take off the mask and free yourself from every unnecessary opinion. Keep in mind that if men are allowed to express their sexuality without getting judged, so are women. Why? Simply because they are human beings who deserve to embrace who they are without costs and many challenges.

The world is hard enough already to prevent others from living their life. On top of that, your words may be composed of letters, and your tongue may seem powerless, but all in all, they can cause enormous damage in someone’s life when it’s not being used ethically.

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