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Equating Truth For Freedom: Does it truly set us free?

Many people have faced several days with lies tied around their necks, causing them breathless at certain moments. For that particular reason, we are often told to seek truth to find the hearty freedom we’ve been desiring. However, viewing it from a different angle might change your perspective regarding the truth for freedom. 

Carla De Petris, the great author of Madonna of Divine Love by Rafaello, tackles her exceptional adventure in seeking real stories about the life of Rafaello. According to her,

“My research on Rafaello’s life, his works, his patrons, made me realize that I had to tell the story, and perhaps one day, they will remember it…”  

Carla’s book and blogs portray her intense passion for Rafaello’s life. Moreover, she spent most of her life obsessed with researching his life and works to deliver nothing but accurate information about Rafaello. 

On the other hand, to have that immense passion in seeking the truth, for an artist who has contributed exceptional art in this world, is undoubtedly an unprecedented power we all could not attain; but Carla De Petris flawlessly did it.

However, there’s an important question we should seek for a precise answer: Does truth truly set us free?

When you go wander in the streets, searching for your lost keys, there’s always that empty feeling we could not merely shrug off our minds. We go on for a walk in hopes of finding it on the roads. Even though there are alternatives for you to open your door, you still choose to search for it because that’s the right thing to do. Similarly, Carla De Petris dedicated her life to searching for the verity of Rafaello’s life. She could have just given up and destroy the door for its truth and look for a new entry after, rather than search for the keys of it, which consumed not only her time but also her heart and soul. 

In analyzing the illustration above, it led us to a disturbing question regarding truth for freedom. On thinking profoundly about it, what if the absence of truth does not mean there are chains of lies around us? Instead, there’s the only hole within us that can only be filled with the reality around us? 

Upon examining Carla’s dedication to researching Rafaello’s life, she certainly did not debunk other false information about the artist. Instead, she had the urge to tell the world his inspiring story because, according to her, Rafaello deserves more recognition around the globe. In that way, Carla will attain the fulfillment in which we are all seeking.

Carla De Petris

Somehow, possessing the truth within us does not precisely convey we’re all free from the lies. Instead, truth enlightens us with the fact that we are already set free from the holes of emptiness we have been dragging throughout our lives.  

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