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Fallouts and Comebacks with Cynthia Harry

What was the last thing you've left? A small town for big-city dreams? A piece of your heart to a former lover? Or a simple pen in the vast spans of a function hall? One way or another, there is a sting to leaving things that frustrates you while ruminating about it. Seldom do we think that leaving something or having been left out is a blessing in disguise. Seeing the silver lining among the dark clouds, author Cynthia Harry can lend you her perspective.

Cynthia Harry is the author of spiritual guides or devotionals: "As the Spirit Leads", "The Struggle to be Me", "Let's be Real", "Man Shall Not Live by Bread Alone", and "Figment of Imagination". She is also the founder of the company "Live to the Max," whose purpose is to "bring the knowledge of Jesus Christ to the masses worldwide." The distraught of many was discussed in her blog post about the European Union referendum and United Kingdom's decision of leaving the organization. However, Harry is adamant in proclaiming that nothing good went out of UK's association with the EU. So few were benefitted from it while many were left exploited, all the while rejecting Jesus Christ.

The author believes that mass exploitation, inconsideration, and aggression are caused by widespread rejection of Jesus Christ. However, not all is lost. The EU and the entire European continent can still go back and find grace in God. It is not by the laws of economics or the whims of politics that the people can restore themselves: by God's grace. Cynthia Harry is a strong advocate that Jesus can restore the nation to the great nation it once was, forgive rejections, and reveal Himself to anyone who seeks with their whole mind, heart, and strength.

Falling out of the EU is not an entirely bad thing but coming back to God is the very best thing!

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