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Families Are Forever: Our Comfort And Strength

By definition, a family is the basic unit of our society; but what happens when it falls apart? Whom would you find strength and comfort when it happens? There are many reasons why a family collapse, and most of the time, the children are greatly affected. Our parents teach us how to live, how to survive, how to love, how to forgive, and many more. These innocent lives are dependent on their parents in all aspects of their everyday living.

The book Families are Forever by L.A. Brand gives a picture of the sad reality of our children's lives when they lose their parents. At the beginning of the story, James and Sara fell in love unexpectedly; they were happily married and had two kids — Charlotte and George. They made an effort to send their kids to school, taught them good manners and life skills. As the story progressed, James died unexpectedly, and Sarah died tragically and left their children with problems to solve independently. Sarah left Charlotte and George in a workhouse before she ended her own life. Sarah thought life would be easy for Charlie and George in the workhouse, but their misery began instead.

Charlotte and George got separated, and it broke their hearts. At first, they were both finding ways and means to be with each other, but it was not easy. Life went on for both, but the hope that one day they will see each other again gave them strength and comfort.

In the story, though life separated them, they each found love, friendship, and closeness to many people that helped them get through the pain.

Families are Forever is a story of hope, optimism, and courage. The sad reality of the hardship, suffering, pain, distress, and sorrow that the children experienced when they have lost their primary caregivers is indescribable. But in the short time they were with their parents, they were taught the correct values and virtues that helped them survive.

It is essential to teach kids proper values and virtues because it builds their character. They will have a strong sense of what to do and not to do. Just like Charlotte and George, they grew up with a firm conviction about being truthful and honest, and that brought them to a good place.

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