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Flaming Love Over Letters and Loss: Lynne and David Book Review

Sending our messages in these modern days makes our lives more comfortable and more convenient; however, it also brings a negative upshot in our lives. With all the technology we have, our messages can be sent now just a click away, unlike before, where you have to wait for a month to receive the letter. It also helps people communicate overseas, which is a massive advantage for those who are currently in a long-distance relationship. However, it also has its flaws. 

While it promotes an easy way of communicating with other people, it also affects in terms of losing the real essence of communication. We have become more dependent on chatting and exchanging emails, rather than having an intense conversation with someone personally. On top of that, children are losing confidence in socializing with other people to find more comfort in talking with someone virtually. Indeed, these matters are alarming, for it tends to affect the younger generations in a gruesome way. 

David Formby, a loving husband, and author share a compilation of letters written between Lynne and him in the book he published, Lynne and David. A lot of things can be learned through their letters, and with this book it will reveal you the reality of love. Lynne and David will remind you of the power of communication, and how it builds a strong connection between the two hearts and souls, that even death cannot set them apart. When Lynne died, things have become challenging for David. But that doesn’t stop him from doing a romantic something for Lynne, and that is to share their story to the world. 

Reading through their letters is like entering a door full of colors, some are bright, and some are dull. Nevertheless, the book holds helpful lessons, especially those couples who are deciding to get married, or those couples who are on the verge of splitting up. Although we already know why communication is essential, the question we should now face is… are we communicating with our loved ones correctly? 

A happy marriage is a long conversation which always seems too short, stated by Andrѐ Maurois. Sometimes, we don’t even notice how time runs so fast that some of the things that matter to us are being left behind because we focus ourselves more on the things that are not essential at all. A successful marriage feels so timeless that it didn’t even notice how much time is spent together. For this reason, even if written letters are no longer the trend nowadays, it is still important to send your loved ones, even a simple message.

 Now that we all have the technology that will help us, there’s no longer a reason we cannot reach out with the person we care about; in fact, we should always create time for those people we love most. 

David Formby is undoubtedly the epitome of portraying great love; that even life set them apart, his love for his wife only aflame over time. Indeed, death may end a life but never love. 

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