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God's Love Language by Waldon Wright: How God shows His Love to Mankind

Love is a complex emotion, which varies in expression from person to person. Given the contrasting types of love language, we sometimes misinterpret some of these as bad or incomprehensible, or something that we cannot understand in its entirety. However, God’s unconditional love begs to differ and Waldon Wright shows us what God’s love language looks like in his new compelling and inspirational book God’s Love Language.

First published in 2014 by Xlibris LLC in the USA, God’s Love Language is an easy-to-read, comprehensive, and thought-provoking non-fictional, redemptive, and life-saving book that presents the subject that has eternal consequences for individuals, the family, society, and the world. The 241 page researched book gives a clear and direct answer to the question about God’s Love Language and how He shows it to humanity. Wright does this by comparing and contrasting how the many varieties of human love language are different from that of God’s. Wright speaks of love as he narrates how God has a keen interest in building an eternal relationship with human beings that saves them from certain doom, and while he outlines the rewards and blessings that God brings upon the lives of the believers, he also includes its consequences to those who knowingly ignore the blessing.

The author, Waldon Wright is a multi-skilled business and Christian professional. He is an ordained Elder who has been involved in the leadership of the church in different capacities for over twenty-five years and is impacting lives through different ministries such as stewardship, family life, personal evangelism, religious liberty, and many other evangelistic outreach. Together with his background in private sector and non-governmental organizations, he has been able to see first-hand how God works positively in transforming the lives of those who love Him and embrace His Love Language. When God gave him the opportunity to travel to over a dozen countries on different mission assignments, his only goal is clear: To embrace God’s love language and encourage others, believers and non-believers, to do the same and see God’s unconditional love and vision for the second-coming.

According to Wright, the book intends to serve as a guide to obedience and divine direction. When invited to a church one weekend, he was enlightened by his own presentation that details God’s plans for humanity and thought that he ought to share it with a wider audience in the community. The theme he highlights in this book illustrates God’s love language and how He is able to show it to humanity and how we, as human beings need to caress, speak and live daily in our relationship with Him.

Wright also details how in doing so, God will provide the people with a meaningful life and a guarantee of eternal life in heaven with Him. Additionally, the author paints a graphic picture of the consequences intended for those who knowingly decide to ignore or disregard God’s commands. The book is a balance of advantages and disadvantages that one can experience under God’s grace and Wright perfectly narrates the book with the language of a father full of love for his children and others.

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