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Growing Start-up and Scale-up Activities into a Successful Business

Do you have a fledgling business enterprise? How can it possibly be successful? How will you make it grow?

Today, almost all types of businesses go digital, and the competition for survival is fierce. The coronavirus pandemic has shaped changes in the field of sales and marketing. But don't you worry, even beginners can beat the odds. Thanks to Marc Lamont, a Belgian business author who wrote The Power of Attitude Capital, he has now published his second book "Growing Start-up and Scale-up Activities into Successful Business."

Having 43 years of accumulated experience as a global business executive, a consultant, and a coach, Lamont stressed in his book the importance of adapting the current trends in conducting one's enterprise and giving attention to details we don't usually consider necessary.

An example trend that beginners need to adapt is the personally coined expression of the author: the DIGISAM or Digital Sales and Marketing. The author believes that with the digitalization of businesses, we don't need to build separate departments. Still, we need a workforce showcasing a performance portfolio of the three: sales, marketing, and digital skills in one. Since the pandemic emerged, making everything available online, it is imperative that both sales and marketing receive IT support or even have enough digital skills themselves. The digital approach can also replace part of the field sales.

Customers now are more intelligent in making their purchases: they know well what they need and want in a product regardless of the company's fame and popularity, and feedback, recommendation, and referral of the product by consumers are highly considered. It is the very reason why start-up activities should overcome traditional approaches. The buy and sell of products have become smart and fast-paced, virtual yet personal. Businesses need to surpass the trend just like reality should exceed expectations.

Another helpful point in Lamont's book has the eye for subtle changes and details. What is the difference between having "20 years of experience and experienced of 20 years?" One can have 20 years of experience with the same experience from the first year to the twentieth year. In comparison, the experience of 20 years means the accumulation or an increase of expertise each year through failure and bouncing back or trial and error. But acquiring expertise is time and money consuming, especially for start-ups and scale-ups. This is why Marc Lamont wrote the book "Growing Start-up and Scale-up Activities into Successful Business" to reduce money and time consumption. Here we can read the accumulated experiences that made Marc Lamont a successful international business executive and coach.

In doing business, we don't need to go through all the trial and error. Let us take what Marc Lamont's book can offer and see for ourselves how our fledgling enterprise can be successful.

For purchases of the book, you can visit and search for the Growing Start-up and Scale-up Activities into a Successful Business by Marc Lamont. You can also personally email Marc at or follow him in his LinkedIn account: for coaching and consultation.

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