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Happier You - The New You

Happiness can mend any broken heart, resurrect those who feel dead on the inside, and provide us with peace of mind.

Have you ever wondered, "Have I already discovered the meaning of happiness in my life?"

Happiness is a positive emotion that calms our minds and provides our bodies with energy and prosperity in all aspects of our lives. Everyone seeks their own happiness; however, one amazing person has already discovered the meaning of "real happiness," and that person is Maureen Solomon.

Creating a Happier You - Maureen Solomon
Creating a Happier You - Maureen Solomon

Creating a Happier You written by Maureen Solomon shares the techniques she used to make herself happy. This book will encourage us to love ourselves more and accept whom we are—living our life with gratitude and filling our hearts with contentment.

Remember, we can't chase happiness; it is the one who will find us, but we need to make way for happiness to find us.

Author, Maureen Solomon
Author, Maureen Solomon

Maureen founded the Happier You Center in Uniondale, New York, where she assessed her clients' conditions and suggested alternative measures using Iridology, Herbology, Nutrition, and Counseling. For decades, she has been a dynamic, inspiring, and international speaker on Optimal Health and Self-Love, the dynamic source of ALL success.

Maureen is a ball of sunshine, a positive and lively person who has already found the meaning of happiness.

Do you want to know how to make yourself happier? Be the new version of yourself by learning from Maureen.

A new you awaits you.

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