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How Fanfiction Made Angela Lartey a Published Writer

Storytelling, creating a plot and turning it into a novel, film, or in any form of literature, could be any writer’s dream. Readers and viewers alike are taken into the world of make-believe. How they get spellbound by the characters, storylines, or scenes makes these creative works a best-seller or a blockbuster in the booklist and box-office. 

One might ask–what is the component in writing that constitutes a smash hit? — One friend of mine said, “Imagination is everything; without it, life is dull.”

Many prolific writers in fiction started their writings when they were young, so full of curiosity around them. Apparently, they had many ideas in mind, and the need to translate these thoughts led to a medium of self-expression; thus, writing short stories and novels was created.

It is natural for book worms and movie buffs, along with visual art lovers, to dream and become storytellers themselves. 

What if you could rewrite scenarios out by doing stuff like adding your own character, changing the setting, including yourself to your favorite novel, and so forth? Budding writers, like me, are compelled enough to tell their own story without worrying about the basics of writing, so I resorted to fanfiction. And presto!!! I posted it online on infamous sites like Wattpad and

Inspired by the published fanfic stories over the internet, new writers put their stories up online, not for the money but just for satisfaction. As a storyteller in fanfiction, writers can experiment with different styles of writing without fear. Just the thought of creating anything and letting the characters do it by themselves is simply the most fulfilling experience in creative writing.

Some writers who are now in professional publishing companies started as fanfiction writers. Great examples are Cassandra Clare, E.L. James, Meg Cabot, Neil Gaiman, Marissa Meyer, and others. They inspired other fanfic writers to do the same. Take Angela Lartey. Angela Lartey, who is also into writing novels, published her notable book, “LA Vamp” in 2018. As early as 15, she showed her knack for writing poems, vignettes, and through the years, she had written novels and short stories. She loves writing scripts, as reflected in her recent fiction, displaying her passion for prose and other literary pieces of writing. Ms.Lartey has, indeed, metamorphosed from her humble beginning as a fanfiction writer into a full-fledged author. As versatile as she is, there is no stopping her from telling a story as the possibility is endless.

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