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In the Spirit of Greater Love: Aggie Spirit 101 by Barry Bauerschlag

A belief is a result of years of adventure and satisfying the thirst for curiosity 一 this is perhaps the reason why scholars of knowledge and religion seek to know the truth and the love behind the bible and its components. Religion, on the other hand, has increased in variations over the years, and people have been hesitant in what to believe in. Barry Bauerschlag, in his fascination and exploration of spirituality, came across a belief that many would find different, one that traverses Christianity in a distinctive way.

Released in 2016, Aggie Spirit 101: Greater Love is Barry Bauerschlag’s exploration of Aggieland, who houses the Aggie Spirit of the Aggie Family. In this comprehensive book, he takes a look at the belief’s treasured traditions of Texas A&M, the values they transmit, and the timeless wisdom they hold that are in common with the Christian faith. It analyzes the shared fruits of the Holy Spirit and the Aggie Spirit and tries to find a similarity between the two. Furthermore, the author considers combining the two beliefs together and finds a common balance between the two.

The inspiration of the book came from the author’s love and desire to strengthen the prominence of Texas A&M due to its record of developing its own kind of leadership. Bauerschlag goes into great detail about how the belief offers insight, inspiration, purpose, and passion as well as more reasons for rejoicing towards victorious living 一 the book provides a well of information that traverses on the uniqueness of the Aggie tradition and drives away from corruption and decline in ethical behavior. The book’s prominent theme is simple: the rituals play an important role in feeding and leading the people into greater heights of righteousness and right relationships with God and others. He dissects the idea of “saved by the works” and expounds on the idea of how good habits or disciplines will help us practice the principles of proven “core values” and how the spiritual pillars that emerged from the firm foundation of “Greater Love” will help the people stay “fired up and focused” as they’ll slowly learn to live fuller lives.

Bauerschlag goes into great detail in this book as it is composed of numerous chapters that narrate the culture of the aggie mindset. Every chapter provides new information and asks the readers to scrutinize, to find the answers in their own way 一 through its guide questions regarding the chapter and its elements, which is perfect for anyone trying to quench their thirst for curiosity. In reading, reflection, and the discussion of the Aggie Spirit, readers will be able to discover a clearer path in the pilgrimage towards spiritual maturity and significant service. Readers and scholars alike will find the book’s premise interesting and develop deeper joys of shared encouragement, leadership founded on integrity, excellence, compassion, and accountability that is all towards the common good and a greater love for ourselves and others!

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