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Katie Santee: May All Your Fantasies Come True!!

Being a writer is probably one of the hardest yet fulfilling jobs in the world. You don’t just write, you think, really hard to come up with a good idea and storyline. One must squeeze all the creative juices they have just to give birth to an excellent book or write up or article or blog. You also have to go through those days when you will encounter another writer’s block, tempting you just to stop writing – but you won’t. Instead, writers will push harder and harder until another story comes up.

It takes a lot to become a writer. Being a writer is more than just a hobby; it is a calling and a passion. When someone writes, it is as if their imagination and fantasies come to life. That is just how it is with Katie Santee, an erotic romance author.

Santee discovered that she had a talent in writing when she wrote a poem while in high school. At a young age of 18, the writer developed a passion for writing poems through their English class. She tried her hand on it, and as days passed, she became better on writing stanzas and words that rhymes. In 2000, Santee joined a contest with the International Society of Poets, and the next thing she knows, she’s already in Washington, DC, participating in the semi-final. Although she didn’t win, her poem was published by the International Society of Poets and even received a medallion and a plaque.

Being a writer for how many years now, Santee was able to write not just poems but also erotic romance novels. Her stories are always made up of strong characters and a good plot. Just through words and sentences, the author paints a picture in every reader’s mind where they can see themselves in a given situation. Her works are always captivating, making her readers captivated and not wanting to put the book down.

When she would sit down to write, she would ask everyone to leave her alone and not to interrupt her, even her dogs know how to stay away. Ironically, she would turn her TV on when she writes, just to hear some noise because she does not like silence. When asked where her ideas for her books come from, she said that it was her ideas. Most of her driving time, a new idea will enter her mind as if someone is talking to her. You might find it weird, but she said that it happens most of the time that leads her to create unique stories.

Although Santee has been writing for years, just like any other author, she has experienced the most difficult part of her artistic process and career. For her, getting noticed as an author is the hardest one. In the publishing world, it isn’t easy to get known as an author. It is not an easy road to get out there and have people recognize you and your work. But because of her passion and impressive talent in writing, the author did not stop writing and is now recognized as one of the best erotica and romance writers.

Currently, she is working on two erotic novels, which her readers will love.  It doesn’t have a time-frame for release yet, but here are the hints: the first one is about a rodeo cowboy, and the other one is about a tornado survivor. The stories will surely be sensual yet enticing. According to Santee, if there is one thing that she wants her readers to get while reading her works and her future stories, it is for their fantasies to come true.


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