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KLS Fuerte's Theme: Love and Passion in Life

Our French author KLS Fuerte is one of the grateful ones who always feel cherished and loved. As a child, though raised without a father, she was nurtured with the loving nature of her mother, grandmother, and extended family. She had the freedom to explore and discover all that would forge her youth and later years, making her optimistic, outgoing, and passionate.

"I believe that my upbringing built in me so many passions." She is passionate about various things but mainly about parenting, people, love, life, teaching, and writing. The teaching profession is leading her life, yet something else has always been a dream of her. From a young age, she always had written stories. And, despite growing up living with different roles in life: as a student, a mother, a wife, and a teacher, her desire to write has always lived within her. "Writing has been my lifesaver, as it had been dormant inside of me for a long time, I had to let it out!"

Her dream is now a reality. She had published her first romantic thriller-themed novel entitled "Never Saw You Coming" which has received warm welcome and appreciation from readers, and the second one, "Now, Live with That!"

Never Saw You Coming is a tale of Beatrice and Edward's love story. This book shows and narrates the twists and turns in a relationship: from tragedies to reconciliation, suicide attempts to forgiveness, and the portrayal of what it takes to love someone. As the avid readers say, this one is a "Captivating read, cleverly written," and "… will appeal to anyone interested in stories of selfless love." It is a masterpiece written by Fuerte from her heart and soul.

Now, Live with That! is the most awaited sequel of Never Saw You Coming. Here, the storyline revolves around a more mussed love relationship of the protagonists merging with deep emotions and burning passions. It also depicts unpredictable surprises with the appearance of new characters that might turn events the other way around. With a well-detailed structure, the novel can make readers feel every single move and thought of the characters. The author welcomes us to dive into the fictional world and embark on a new, unforgettable experience.

In an interview with Dari Nani of MTN Media, Fuerte claimed, "young women in their 25-50's and beyond will immerse themselves into this story with pleasure and will be hooked." It is a modern love tale where every woman could recognize a Beatrice inside her heart and an Edward in her life. She also shared, "My love and travel adventures inspired many lines and paragraphs in my first book." Simply put, her works mirror what she has in life. The affection she received from childhood to adulthood is the instrument she uses to create commendable results which reflect love and passion. She makes it enticing by using her vibrant and creative energy and ability to put into words exquisite scenes and depictions that capture the reader from start to finish. Just as a reader puts it, Fuerte produces "A book that keeps you turning the pages as it's fully loaded."

No one would ever think that our optimistic and inspiring author is going through a difficult phase. Since April 2015, she has been battling with Multiple Sclerosis, a troubling illness that sucks her energy and messes up with her nervous system. Regardless, she bounces back from adversity and created something beautiful out of it as she believes in the sublimity of positivity in the darkest days.

If you're searching for fiction that could be a real treat, Fuerte's novel is a must-read.

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