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Learn from the Past to Secure Our Future

"I chose this simply because our children are our greatest assets. And the highest investments that we can make in a community should go to our children simply because they will be tomorrow's leaders."

This excerpt comes from an interview of Earnest Hooks Jr. with The Focus TV. Indeed, our author has thought so much about kids and the future of our farming and agriculture system in general.

Earnest Hooks Jr. studied at Howard University's School of Architecture and Harvard's GSD Professional Development Program. He is a certified building biologist and a registered architect for 30 years. Aside from his accomplishments, it did not stop him from continuing his love for writing. He started to enjoy writing even more when he wrote a poem based on his working experience as an architect. From then on, writing has been a big part of his life.

Looking back, our Earnest's mother grew up on a farm, and they often visit her mother's family in Athens, Georgia. It was a later social visit in Atlanta, his mother introduced him to Lizzie Wilkerson. Lizzie Wilkerson is a renowned artist who made it to multiple art shows, and her works are displayed in national galleries and museums. Before her passing, she left gifts to Earnest and a message to continue her legacy and artwork.

"Let's Go See Mother Wilkerson's Farm: Adventures in Learning Excellence" is an extraordinary children's book intended for the pre - K to 3rd-grade group that introduces children to farming in art-filled descriptions. The book contains 12 pieces of artwork by Lizzie Wilkerson and includes seven adventures varying from art, history, and agriculture. This book is a beautiful adventure. That's what our author, Earnest Hooks Jr. believes that learning should be.

Recognizing the potential of our children for the years to come, our author put this book together to help them get to know the farms, their history, and the things we can find and utilize within them. Some illustrations and parts include introducing flowers, vegetables, fruits, and even farm tools. And to make the book even more creative to unleash the children's interest in the farm, it contains sections where questions and puzzles are posted. Your early first purchase will include a free beautiful enlarged 18 inch X 24-inch poster. He can be contacted at

As for our Earnest, he hopes that with this book may he teach the children to get back into the basics of life, like farming. He emphasizes the importance of teaching the new generation and the importance of self-sufficiency. Lastly, this book encourages families to discuss and teach children the value of food security at home rather than dependence on grocery stores and supermarkets.

Go on his website now and

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