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Little Dreams of Little Children

Have you ever stared at a sleeping baby and wondered whether they are dreaming or not? Every time a child is sleeping, the calm and peaceful look in their face makes us think that they are dreaming about unicorns, rainbows, and chocolates. But the question that most parents ask is, what does my baby dream of?

According to Healthline Parenthood, if a baby is actively dreaming, they could be dreaming the most during the first two weeks of life; this is because of their sleep time spent in rapid eye movement (REM). The REM stage is when the body is completely relaxed, and the brain is active. It’s also the stage associated with dreaming.

Neuroscientists believe that children must have acquired the capacity to imagine things – visually and spatially in order for dreams to occur. Some neuroscientists believe that a child is dreamless for the first few years of life. It is also said that dreams with structured narratives set in at age 7 or 8; around the same time, children develop a clear understanding of their own identity.

On the other hand, some say that since babies have more periods of light sleep where dreams happen, they could dream more than adults do.

According to Dr. Alan Greene, a pediatrician from California, the big clue about what the baby had dreamed about is how your baby behaves when she wakes up. If she’s happy and smiling, she’s probably had a good dream. If she’s fussy and crying, she might have been processing less happy experiences.

There are published books that also asks the same questions that every parent has, like the one authored by Angela Arnephy entitled, What Does My Baby Dream Of?

The book is full of cute and creative images that will surely capture your eyes and will make you smile. There are also well-written ideas of what babies could be dreaming about that might pique your imagination as well, just like the author. Angela Anerphy wrote simple ideas but be ready as your curiosity about babies’ dreams will undoubtedly arise as you read her book.

There is no way we could know what babies dream about, but there’s no harm in hoping that they will always have a beautiful dream. So, what do you think is your baby’s dream all about?

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