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Looking Through the Pains, Struggles, and Adversities of a Dictator

Adolf Hitler is the world's most feared man. He is the man behind WWII; he was witty and intelligent. He was known to have given many powerful and great speeches, which persuaded many Germans to join his Nazi party. His promise to restore Germany's greatness made him the Chancellor of Germany in 1933.

Adolf had to ignite the flame that led to WWII to fulfill his promise. Many lives were taken, and many people suffered during the Second World War. He took his own life when his country was losing from the war. He was one of the casualties of the war that he started.

Does our childhood affect the way we are in the future?

Growing up, Adolf has been forced by his father to do things that do not interest him. He was enrolled in a school of Science and Technology, but he did not like it. He was expelled many times at school because of his behavior.

His childhood was full of hurt, pain, suffering, and adversities. Adolf's father was abusive; he was cruel and violent. His mother was the opposite; she was compassionate, loving, and caring. At times when Adolf's father would hit him, his mother would take the beating.

Most of Adolf's siblings died at a very young age. Adolf and his sibling, Paula, were the only ones who lived past childhood. He was fourteen when his father died. But the most significant loss of his life was when his mother died of cancer when he was 18. Adolf took care of her younger sibling Paula, but many reports say that he had no difference from his father when Paula was in her care. Adolf would emotionally and physically hurt Paula wherever and whenever he wants. Adolf keeps telling Paula that his discipline method was for her good.

Knowing all of these, do you think his father's physical and mental abuse significantly impact how Adolf thinks and acts when he becomes an adult? Does his hurt from the loss of family members keep him in pain for a very long time, which led to his decisions to take the lives of the people who do not share his beliefs?

Discover more from this book Young Adolf: An Alternate History by Frank Daversa. It tells us about factual events and circumstances in Adolf's childhood but with a fictional twist and characters that may affect Adolf's future. The book will show us an alternate history of what Adolf would have been, given a different circumstance.

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