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Magic, Mayhem and Kingdom Wars

Fantasy stories have always given us a perspective of the past with supernatural twists. In M.A Frost’s new fantasy book The Freelancers, there is magic, mayhem, and a never-ending war for power, glory, and peace.

Published in 2020 under Partridge Publishing in Singapore, The Freelancers follow the story of a kingdom facing civil strife. Rebels gathered to fight against a corrupt ruler, winning the war in the process. When the oppression ended, a hero left behind a legacy, and years later, history seems to repeat itself upon the death of a King. As the King had no relatives, a former disciple lays claim on the throne and rivals become outraged, and another civil war breaks out. As the war continued, enemies left and right became overwhelmed fighting against sorcery. To make matters worse, one of eleven ancient magic swords was used against the rebellion. One day, a hero found one sword that was created to fight all forms of sorcery, how can one warrior defeat all with only one advantage?

“Authority without wisdom is power in the wrong hands”- M.A Frost.

Author M.A Frost has always been fascinated with fantasy stories, fairy tales, mythology, and folktales, and his latest book is shaped by these interests. A middle child raised in a suburban area, he has a degree in Electrical and Electronic engineering but became a web developer when he discovered his interest. As a hobby, he started writing and slowly enabled himself to be lost in the fictional world, finding enjoyment in writing fictional stories. The Freelancers is a unique and untold story creatively built by the author and goes into great detail about magical forces, their origin, and protagonists who unravel the unknown world. A fantasy world in ancient times, Frost has made a world with no specific era and fills it with medieval themes, royalty, wizardry, and mythical creatures.

The Freelancers is a well-written and easy-to-understand book that dives into familiar medieval themes with sorcery mixed into the pot. Fantasy fans will be thrilled as M.A Frost gives them adventure and mayhem at every turn of the page. Its artistic narrative brings the readers into a once-in-a-lifetime adventure that offers a new perspective about humanity, their attitude towards power, and how this personality has shaped our history. The book emphasizes how revolutions start and end and how history can repeat itself when greed occurs in people’s hearts. He also highlights the struggle of heroes in wars when they are at a disadvantage, not knowing how to level the playing field, which speaks of our current reality as corrupt and influential leaders play with the lives of their constituents.

This action-packed book will never leave a reader hanging as each scene is something to cling to. M.A. Frost brings a world with no limits, painting a different picture of what wars could look like if magic also causes destruction and suffering.

Will a hero emerge in a war with no fairness? Find out more in M.A Frost’s The Freelancers: The Black Shield and The Red Fortune!

To find out more about M.A. Frost and his fantasy works, check him out at:

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