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Of Happiness and Salvation Guidebook: As the Spirit Leads

Are you feeling lost? Sad? Troubled? Disoriented? And hopeless? Here’s a book from Cynthia Harry that may help you get over all the struggles in life.

In her inspirational book entitled As The Spirit Leads,” she takes us with her through her journey of attaining a happy and life – abundant that only God can provide. This book talks about salvation, easing of burden, encouragement, healing, and real happiness found in the presence of Jesus Christ in our lives.

The author herself is a believer in Jesus Christ the Savior, and in this book, she shares with us a journey for a better life here on earth and beyond eternity. From childhood up to the present, Cynthia Harry believed that she had been an instrument to preach and share God’s plan in our lives.

This book contains real-life stories and experiences upon God’s revelation in her life that she wishes to share with everyone else. Seeing the trend of deteriorating faith among the majority of the population, especially among the youth, the author found a conviction to bring them back into the light that Jesus has in store for His people. This is a work created with faith and gladness of serving Jesus. A work dedicated to bringing Him closer to the people of this generation.

With multiple burdens that you may be facing right now, this book will provide you the enlightenment you needed. An inspirational statement and recognition that no matter what we do in life – no success will come our way without Jesus’ presence and guidance. Also highlighted in the book is a life centered in Jesus’ will – an all-or-nothing choice to take.

Let us listen to the voice inside our head that calls for healing, relief, and salvation by going through the contents of this inspiring writing—a book for everyone in all walks of life and all ages. Let us show our love towards our friends and families by giving them this book.

This is a work dedicated to the hopes of bringing the words of hope and renewed faith for those who are currently in wretchedness. Having this book is like having a roadmap to a happy and spiritual-led life. As she shares her life experience – abundant that God had promised, may we take part in it by having a copy of her book. This spiritual guidance and life-inspiring piece is just a click away. You may secure your copy and a chance to see her video through

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