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On Avoiding and Following our Parent's Footsteps

Growing up, especially in a home where criticizing our parents is immensely wrong, is never easy.

With the eternal fear of expressing ourselves, we tend to release it incorrectly in ways we do not expect. Such as developing mental and health problems. You see, we were taught that respect should always be given to our parents—but what if they do not deserve it? It is tough to pinpoint our parents' mistakes, especially when we are truthful and direct, often we will just end up being the wrong child uttering the wrong words. On the brighter side, our parents are truly admirable, to think that they are working tremendously to raise us and experience a comfortable life.

Was it wise to follow our parent's footsteps knowing they fail most of the time? We were born and raised in a world where it is wrong to think bad about our parents and that everything they do just always go according to plan. But was it? You see, millennials and generation z do not mostly carry traditional ideologies. People within the frame of generation believed more inequality. Meaning—your age and race do not mean privilege. If you are worth the respect, then you deserve to be respected. But if our parents do not deserve it, will we still do it?

Absolutely. Regardless of our parent's success and failures, we still love them—and when there is love, there is always respect. However, we cannot just let things flow that way forever. Whatever your parents did, especially when it's wrong, should serve as a lesson. Just Like Mommy & Daddy, a book written by a well-known author named Emmanuel Oghene tackles the importance of learning from our parents. Just Like Mommy & Daddy encourages everyone to follow the success of our parent's footsteps, and rather than resenting their failures, we should learn from that and avoid it if it ever occurs in our way.

Indeed a heartfelt book filled with beneficial lessons, Just Like Mommy & Daddy will remind you that there are better things to do than loath from all bad things. Our parents are not perfect, but that does not mean we will just leave their flaws right there. If there is no mean for us to correct them, then we should just take the lesson every day in our hands and remember the exemplary steps of our parents.

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