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Ordinary People in Extraordinary Situations: The Asya Shmaryan’s Tale

“I want them to know I write about ordinary people that find themselves in extraordinary situations…” stated by Asya Shmaryan.

Asya Shmaryan, or also known as Aysa Florez, wrote a remarkable book titled Tale of Jeannettewhich she wrote during the economic failures causing to collapse Stock Markets in 2008-2009. The book is actually a play, and it tackles marriage failures and poverty, which is pretty relevant until now. Asya Shmaryan deliberately portrayed in her book about how ordinary people involve themselves in extraordinary situations; Tale of Jeannetteis genuinely a book filled with soul and reality, which we all can relate to.

Also, she shared an interesting fact about how authors can have their revenge as a writer. According to her, “In life, the best revenge for your enemies is to portray them in your books, without revealing their true names! It’d impress them, but they will never recognize themselves in story!” 

Indeed, revenge is a dish best served best moments for most writers. In addition to that, characters from a book inspired by a real person can definitely contribute a powerful impact to the story. One of the best things to learn from Asya is instead of hating someone every day without gaining anything but negativity, why not use the hate in a more meaningful way. Indeed, Asya does not only produce a delighting book, but she also inspires and contribute healthy ideas for society. 

Also, she pointed out how marriages get stronger over time, and every complicated situation that is being acquired daily should be endured. It may common to hear about how marriage problems come in different forms, whether mentally, emotionally, physically, and financially; moreover, the book portrayed accurately some situations regarding those unfavorable circumstances and how to deal with them. On the other side of reading, books are not only written for entertainment but also, it has plenty of solutions in life that might save you from the misery of your marriage. 

Truly, Asya is not only a talented writer, but also she is capable of creating various genres in theatre plays, as well in TV Production. Her wide arrange of experiences regarding storytelling is undoubtedly immense, and for that reason, she truly deserves more recognition. 

Furthermore, Asya and her books are also part of the world’s ordinary things that might create an extraordinary impact on someone’s life. Asya believed that books are food for thoughts, and I would feed my brain with the most delicious tales, and because of her belief, she made a book worth everybody’s time and coins. Tale of Jeannette is undoubtedly a must-read book, especially for couples who are experiencing dilemma in marriage. 

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