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Playful Creative Poetry about Gymnastics: On Gymmy the Owl and His Friends

As most people would perceive, Gymnastics is a challenging kind of sport that requires rigorous training to be a participant. Usually, great gymnasts start training early – the younger, the better. During childhood, our bodies are still flexible and open to get conditioned for any routine. This is one reason why gymnastics programs are now being offered as an extracurricular activity or for summer classes even to primary students.

Written by Vladimir Zaglada, "Gymmy the Owl and His Friends" is a book published in reaching young aspiring gymnasts through an entertaining and engaging collection of poetry perfect for young aspiring gymnasts to read. It shares an animal-friendly story that started with Gymmy the Owl and his friends discovering each of the skills essential in doing basic gymnastics. Here the glimpse of the ending poem in the book that sums up its essence as a learning material for the young gymnasts:

Doggie mastered pirouetting,

Kitty learned to handspring forward,

Froggie soon was record setting

In the vaulting points he scored.

Hedgehog proved his skill at swings

And rolls through his floor routine,

Bunny learned to do back handsprings

Without falling off the beam.

Squirrel soon saltoed like a master

Grasshopper can cast just right

All this warms the heart of Vladster

And fills Lion with delight.

Children, you are human beings!

Gyms are really made for you!

I hope I will soon be seeing You show all that you can do!

As you notice, readers of any age will be drawn in by his parallels between animals' natural abilities and the skills humans must work hard to develop to perform gymnastics features. Gymmy the Owl makes learning fun by following each humorous rhymed tale with a small dose of important information and key gymnastics terminology. Illustrator Katya Korobkina brings to life a charming community of "Nature's Gymnasts." Indeed, the book creates such a delight to encourage young aspiring gymnasts to see that there is blissful fulfillment for their accomplishment in the learning process beyond gymnastics. See more details of the book here on the website:

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