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Remembering Nature with Pen and Palette by Barbara Ker-Mann

The expression of love for nature through poems and paintings is what makes the work of Barbara Kerr-Mann rather exceptional. Not only was it a presentation of her poems collection, but it also highlights how she intends to send the message of saving the planet earth with a more emotional appeal to her readers.

As a frequent traveler, Barbara Ker-Mann could share her adventures in her writings and painting. Her creative mind certainly gives her the chance to explore different byways by which she can present what nature is like, how it rejuvenates the human soul, and what humans have done to disturb it. At the same time, her poems also echo the need for humans to rethink their ways in the manner by which they deal with nature’s gifts and use these elements for their personal gain.

She mentions in her poem Canada:

The signature of global change

Where once grew trees for shade

Dust now clogs monstrous machines

And parched soil

These words resound the regrets of a pure soul of losing nature to the changing tides of time that offers more focused attention to progress and industrial development.

A woman like Barbara has seen the best of both worlds- the old one and now the new and highly developed one. She was able to see the goodness of living alongside the gifts of nature while enjoying every day with excellent air quality- not afraid of developing ailment as you breathe through it.

At the same time, she also saw the way the situations changed. In her voice and her visuals, she tried to give nature the voice that it does not have- hopefully, to change the way humans think about how they engage with nature.

In her poems, she calls for a sense of rethinking the way they alter the natural setup of the environment for the sake of their own her poem France-La Force de Frappe, she mentions:

From the depths of the ocean

The echoes return Leave us alone alone alone

Iron and steel creak through the night ever louder, ever higher

Stressing need of might they cry

These lines prove what Barbara feels should be recognized by humans living in the world today. At some point, she notes how selfish humans have become. Thinking less of the results of what they are doing to earth- they expect the earth to continue providing them with what they need. Changing the attitude of humans towards nature is a necessary step to take now, especially in the hope of improving the condition of life that they need to pursue. The future of human civilization only depends on the protected future of nature. And if we want such a future to be as bright as we want it to be, then we need to hear what nature is saying now, and these words are etched down through Barbara Ker-Mann’s book of poems and paintings.

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