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Songs of Sunshine and Rain: A Profound Look At Your Childhood Memories

Have you ever read a book that instantly made you remember your precious childhood memories?

Written by Bruce Plant, Songs of Sunshine and Rain is a collection of poems that are meant to remind you about how simple life was back when you were a child. Plant described the poems as the spontaneous outcome that reflected his feelings as a young art student. The poems evoked innocence and wisdom, making it an excellent read for people of all ages.

What first struck me about the poems was the author’s use of simple language to convey his message. Unlike other types of literature, this book managed to deliver profound thoughts using familiar, everyday words. To quote one of the poems, the book offered something “a little less to think about, and a little more to feel.”

The author also used vivid images of nature in his poems that complimented the book’s youthful innocence as a whole. Turning from one page to another felt like the author knew something about a chapter of my life. It was as if the author knew exactly what I went through and spoke directly to me in each poem. But while the book mainly talked about childhood and innocence, this does not mean that all the poems adopted a cheerful and happy tone. In fact, I liked the subtle, melancholic feel in some poems, which some ended with a feeling of longing. And that’s okay, because childhood, as in life in general, is not always rainbows and butterflies after all.

With its ageless themes, this book can be read to a 5-year old kid or a 70-year old senior, which will still convey the same message. This is where this book’s beauty lies–when it can deliver profound thoughts and deep emotions using straightforward and simple language.

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