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Songs of Sunshine and Rain: An Anthology of Wisdom for All Ages: Book Review

The poem is one of the most underrated yet most creative art there is. Writers get to touch someone’s heart by just words and phrases and rhymes. Reading a poem, even just one stanza, could stir up one person’s emotions, making him joyous, lonely, and breaking all at the same time.

If you are looking for the perfect book of poem collections, Songs of Sunshine and Rain: An Anthology of Wisdom for All Ages is the one for you.

According to the author of the book, the collection of poems was written in the early ’70s. What’s impressive is that the poems were written almost 50 years ago, yet each word, each stanza, each phrase still gives hope and joy and a trail of emotions to its reader up to this day.

It consists of five chapters entitled, Day and Night, Transience and The Seasons, Wisdom and Childhood, Creatures, I Am You Are, and Prayers. All five chapters are filled with words and metaphors that are easy to understand and leave you some questions. The poems were profound yet playful. It makes you wonder, and think, and smile. It makes you think about life, love, and faith.

Chapter six of this book, which is entitled Prayer, expresses the writer’s faith. It is full of beautiful words and gratefulness. It speaks so much of how much the writer wants his readers to understand the beauty of prayer and faith and trust.

Each poem is full of wisdom not only for the young but also for the adults. Each word was seeming to be perfectly placed along with each other. Another exciting thing about this book is also filled with incredible artworks that the readers will surely capture the readers’ eyes.

It is impressive how Bruce Plant, the book’s writer, would come up with a great artwork like this, something that should be read by many and should be shared with the world that needs hope and smile.

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