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Sonnets of a Contemporary Woman: On Katherine Betham's "The Order of Controversy"

Contemporary Women has the liberty to express thoughts on their mind, lead advocacy they are passionate about, and create their own masterpiece of life. Women in the 21st century are free to embrace their own individuality and preferences without minding outside biases. Unlike in the past, women are just hiding and staying inside their shells, not allowed to talk but only move according to the proper female etiquette. Indeed, all gratefulness should be expressed for people in history who had fought for women's rights that we are cherishing today.

Written by Katherine Betham, "The Order of Controversy" is a book that shows a woman's perspective of life and genuine issues arising from living through the constant pursuit of personal excellence. It is also embedded with themes such as frustration, honesty, bittersweet grief of a single parent, and sabotage —metaphorically referred to as the "Venomous Snare." Most of the poetry and sonnets revolved around family, children, faith, forgiveness, and companionship. As you turn pages in the book, you will notice the chapter titles

are expressed through Christian Ethics and

Picasso's artworks as the choice of style for the

featured photos in the poems.

As for me, I am inspired by the poem "Total Faith Time" that highlights the power of resilience in every trouble you encounter. She even uses a hashtag sign after every poem, a millennial social media mark that makes it more contemporary, relatable, and quotable.

"It doesn't matter if people are laughing at your expense.

Show them the truth, show them who you are, how resilient your spirit is…

It's bulletproof."

Total Faith Time; #Life is becoming

What intrigued me the most is "Petty's Sonnets." It draws some blind item persona for me that makes me make a wild guess. I find it creative to measure each line the same under Petty's word paired with descriptive words. And Yes, it smells of controversy.

"Petty big ego, looking like Petty's goat…

Gruff Petty hurts feelings Petty flirts BLAH!"

Petty's Sonnet #Patriq

Overall, this book is worth reading for inspirational thoughts, especially for contemporary women readers. You will also love the way how genuine and personal the poem is written in the book. Truly, one's life expressed through arts in any form can inspire and move hearts when shared with the world. Katherine Betham, the author, believes that somehow everyone's life should be acknowledged whatever choices you made. It's God-given talent. Isn't it beautiful?

Check out also her other work entitled, "The Order It Shall be, Life."


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