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Spiritual-Busyness from Surviving to Thriving by Alex Graham: What it Means to Really Live Life

Commerce and politics could be considered as today’s most potent social agencies.

It cannot be denied that these two forces have the most influential impact on how the world lives today. Observe how families are thriving so hard to earn to make sure that they can consume what commerce has to offer. At the same time, they are also so busy when it comes to making sure that they respond to government demands accordingly to avoid being punished or going through certain sanctions that could keep them from earning money for their families.

Everything and everyone is seemingly entangled to this cycle. Nevertheless, the real meaning of life is lost along the way. Everyone is busy- to the point that they forget to live anymore. Right, they are surviving, but they are not enjoying life anymore.

The world has become highly dependent on the material satisfaction that commercial industries are insisting as somewhat “necessary for happiness and defining life’s worth.” This has become the new norm- the picture that everyone seems to have already settled themselves with. Money became the center of their everyday lives. Even though they may say otherwise, the truth reveals itself, especially when merely getting what needs to be earned to get by through the day.

On the other hand, Alex Graham argues that there is more- and that there should be more to life than merely earning money. He points out that instead of surviving, humans can choose to thrive.

In this book “Spiritual Busyness: From Surviving to Thriving,” Graham explains that life-changing experiences would undoubtedly bring a person to realizing what is most important in life. And most often than not, money is not part of these realizations. Coming from a more personal standpoint, Graham explains how being spiritually busy is often more rewarding than being materially adaptive to the systems that this world thrives in.

Nevertheless, Graham also says that somehow, people have almost forgotten the fact that their life is about purpose rather than commercialism. Life is about living and not about purchasing consumer products every time something new is offered in the market. Living your life towards a much higher meaning than merely getting what you materially want will surely lead you to a more satisfying living pattern.

Indeed, he hopes to encourage his readers to look at themselves, examine their ways, and ask themselves if they would rather have a life of material satisfaction or a life of spiritual wealth. The world has undoubtedly proven the fact that material things and the love for it are worthless. He then points out that choosing to pick being spiritually busy is a choice every person must make. It should come from a personal context of understanding one’s real worth and finding ways to make sure that he can live that worth to the fullest instead of merely purchasing material things and being controlled by the government rather than by God.

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