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Technothriller Follows Corporate Player Protecting Cold Fusion's Secrets

The invention of a clean energy source that would free modern civilization from its dependence on fossil fuels would normally be a cause for celebration. Except for that, unscrupulous parties in the black market aim to purchase the technology for their nefarious ends. In Robert Valdin's technothriller novel, an uncompromising corporate player must fight for his life to stop the mysteries that lie within "Newton's Cradle" from falling into the wrong hands.

Cold fusion remains elusive. Decades ago, a pair of chemists claimed that they had attained cold fusion, producing energy using the same nuclear processes powering the sun, fusing atoms but at room temperature. Their claim has not yet been substantiated or replicated. Still, if it were true, it would be monumental as producing viable fusion energy is a feat that even modern experimental hot fusion reactors have not yet attained sustainably.

This is why in "Newton's Cradle," the achievements of Los Angeles-based protagonist Terence Whitfield and his boss Duncan Riley's promise to change the world. They are on the cusp of revolutionizing the world and solving the environmental problems caused by fossil fuel consumption. Yet before they can seal a deal that would save their company and lead to their project's success, Terence is blackmailed into stealing the secrets from Riley - contained in a curious file named "Newton's Cradle."

The implications of this technology result in a backstabbing battle between interested yet utterly ruthless parties. Should the file be sold on the black market, it could fall into the hands of organizations that could utterly upend the global balance of power. Terence's actions have opened Pandora's Box, a sequence of events with enormous and potentially incomprehensible consequences. To stop this new form of energy from falling into the wrong hands, he must fight for his very life.

"Just think of how the Internet and cell phones, in such a short time span, have changed the way we learn and communicate. Now, what if humanity gained access to free, clean, and unlimited energy? No need for expensive and polluting oil, coal, or nuclear fission. How's that for a game-changer? Or a central premise for a novel?" Valdin says. An avowed and self-proclaimed science geek, he tackles themes and concepts that will intrigue readers and possibly herald future developments in the real world. "I wanted the novel to be a discussion of life itself, as much as a plain thriller story. You know, the trials and tribulations we all face in life while chasing out our destinies."

With "Newton's Cradle," they will witness a clash of tectonic forces as the protagonists navigate the conflicts of titanic corporations and even more unsavory conspirators. Technothriller, mystery, and thriller aficionados should definitely look forward to Valdin's page-turner.

Robert Valdin lives in a coastal European town and ruminates on the mysteries of urban planning. "Newton's Cradle" is his first novel. He is currently working on a screenplay about gangsters, heists, and the nature of life. He has an interview regarding "Newton's Cradle" featured on Literary Titan.

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