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The Art of Joyful Living

Living in this rather fast-paced society gets us seemingly caught up in the rat race that we forget to pause for a while to appreciate what is naked to our eyes, yet we choose to turn blind to genuinely essential things.

Often, we take things for granted, and we fail to look deeply into what makes a purposeful life filled with joyful living. You may ask — What makes a joyful living? Could it be one having a fleet of expensive up-to-date cars, sought-after mansions in an elite subdivision, flourishing businesses?

We may also laud ourselves for having achieved a status of high prestige that matches like royalty. Attuned to great attractions in this world, we may tend to forget to talk inwardly to ourselves. What makes a worthwhile living?

Veering away from material possessions could be regarded as one impractical way of life. True, having financial security makes up for a comfortable living, but take a look at some privileged people. They may seem happy, but inwardly they could be thirsty for genuine happiness.

One of the joys of living, which I suppose most of us would agree with, is appreciating nature. Like for instance, passing by an uncharted course and seeing some exotic flowers that you've never seen before could do wonders. You could try the smell of the dirt after the rain and gaze at the rainbow hovering in the sky. If you are fond of a commune with nature, going hiking does give you ample benefits, not only to enjoy the scenery but boost your cardiovascular endurance and total well-being, which could be an exhilarating experience. For beach lovers, take that footwear off and feel the sand as you tread on the sandy shore.

As physical activities could bring about sheer joy, essential living is equally fulfilling to the heart, relations, and spiritual matters. There is no better way to achieve this than being nourished in the emotional and spiritual sense. What a joy it is to seek out the comforts of beloved friends and family who stand by you even in your darkest hours. Those cherished loved ones are kept forever like treasured jewelry that is meant to last for a lifetime.

A man can face diversities in life through tragedies and pain, strength in cherished friendships, triumphs of joy and love, heartaches, and the joy in memories held together — wrapped up all together in heart-breaking, spellbinding stories by Eleanor Lee Gustaw in her awe-inspiring books "The Stranger," Saga and "A Rookie's Daughter,” Sequel 1. Explore also, the author's children's series, “Hope’s Lantern,” under her pseudonym Lee H. Johnson, which is infinitely thought-provoking! And if you haven't had enough, catch the upcoming sequels where the heart of Christmas is found in the final book, "A New Christmas" — all these add up to the author's ever-unique spin of enchanting tales, her one-of-a-kind storytelling style only she can write with flair.

Living life gracefully is indeed an art that you need not go farther, but look within you, up close and personal; hence, you will see how beautiful life is when you ask for the serenity to accept the things that you cannot change, the courage to change the things that you can, and the wisdom to know the difference. You will agree with the author that if you follow the Serenity Prayer, you are, indeed, spiritually blessed.

To find more about Author Eleanor Gustaw and get updates about her beautiful literary works, you can visit her website at

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