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The Bold, The Brave, and The Spirits of Cassious House

A haunted castle, an adventurous girl, her cursed guardian, and mysteries waiting to be revealed. These are only some of what's waiting for you in Linda Key's supernatural adventure book series "The Spirit of Cassious House."

"The Spirit of Cassious House" is an exciting and thrilling tale that deals with issues relevant in modern times such as bullying, romance, and self-determination and mixes it with the intrigue of the supernatural in ways you would least expect. It masterfully blends modern times with its own history and lore, and it's a series that keeps you in suspense as it immerses its readers into the world of Kelton Heights and the secrets that lie within the mysterious Cassious House. The book follows the story of Timothy Andrew Carlton, a prince accused of a crime he did not commit and becomes cursed in the afterlife, and Alyssia-Franklin Jenkins, a student from a university near Cassious House and the catalyst for the events of the books as she becomes the key in discovering the secrets and mysteries that have surrounded the characters and its world. The events of the books are sure to keep you on your toes as the stakes of the situation rise and more information about the world is revealed.

But this book series is more than just the secrets and mysteries of Kelton Heights. It's also a story of personal growth, progress, unity, and pursuit of the truth in the name of honour and valour.

The series is told in two books. The first book in the series "The Spirit of Cassious House: To Find Truth, Valour, and Honour, One Must Find the Courage to Search Among the Lies" serves as an introduction to the world, its characters as well as the mysteries that lie within the castle, and the town where we gradually learn about the secrets and conspiracies looming over the mysterious university. The second book, "The Spirit of Cassious House:Let the Battle Commence," is set six weeks after the initial story, and it serves as the finale of the entire series, as the mysteries encroaching the characters and the world are gradually unraveled and solved, and the characters reach their earned endings. "The Spirit of Cassious House" is an interesting and unique take on the supernatural adventure genre that is certainly worth the read.

Linda Key was born in Miami, Florida, in 1966, but moved to the United Kingdom in 1998 and has lived there ever since. She was inspired to write this book when she experienced remarkable dreams after visiting the castle and cathedral of St. Andrews. "The Spirit of Cassious House" book series is a passion project that is the culmination of Linda Key's dreams and hard work. The series takes inspiration from Linda's own past and experiences to tell a story filled with genuine passion, love, and determination.

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