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The Fight to End the Means: The Freelancers by M.A. Frost

War has always been a part of our history. There were wars fought out of greed, desire, and pride. But perhaps, the most important war to have been fought was the war for humanity for freedom and restoration. In M.A. Frost’s new thrilling novel, the war against good and evil prevails.

Released in 2020, The Freelancers: The Black Shield and The Red Fortune is M.A. Frost’s new offering to the fantasy genre. The story dates back a thousand years when the war against black magic in a kingdom facing civil strife. Rebels gathered left and right, provoked by the corruption that brought the destruction of their kingdom. When the period of oppression ended, a hero left a legacy. As the years went on, the death of a King signals the repeat of history when the throne is left without a successor. A former disciple stakes his claim, and a civil war breaks out. The intensity of the war brought warriors high and low to seek means to become more powerful, and as the secrets of war are slowly revealed, their struggles push them to the limit. As their enemies become overwhelmingly powerful through the use of sorcery, they must find a way to bring back peace and order in the world. An ancient sword reveals itself to a warrior with life and death on the line. Will a hero finally emerge out of that rubble? Or will they be defeated by evil?

M.A. Frost is a man of many trades. Having been raised as a middle sibling in a suburban area, he went on to get a degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Despite that, however, he started as a web developer, where he started taking an interest in writing. What started as a hobby slowly became a passionate quest to become lost in the fictional world where he had found happiness in fiction. The main inspiration from this book came from high fantasy and other folktales that Frost has already read. As he immersed himself in the fictional world, he realized that there were more stories left to unfold, thus beginning to write his own personal story and began building a magical realm with such great magical forces in an unknown world and era.

The medieval-style story is filled with royalty, wizards, mythical creatures, and brave warriors that face an immense challenge because of the war. Frost’s narrative is simple, but he is able to build up the characters so well that it feels as if the character is almost real and relatable. While we are not at war with magical forces, we see the struggles and the means to end a war. The author goes into great detail about power and how it affects the dynamics in the world. Truly a different take on medieval wars.

Through its wonderful narrative, readers will be able to peek into a world of destruction, adventure, discovery, and at last, the greatest fight there is!

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