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The Freelancers: The Black Shield and The Red Fortune

We are upon another page-turner adventure from M.A Frost. This book entitled "The Freelancers: The Black Shield and The Red Fortune" will surely take us away from the world of reality and immersed us into a wonderfully crafted world of fiction. His work is written to fill us with the sense of an adventurous journey. The story will circle on war, sorcery, magic, and even morality and justness.

Getting to know more about M.A.Frost gives almost everyone a surprise with his background. Who would have known that M.A.Frost will create this book with a degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering? In his early career days, he started as a web developer and, in the process, discovered his alternate hobby of writing. What started as a hobby had taken a bigger part of his life where it turned into a book.

In this fictitious adventure of war and political power play between the bearers of power, let us ride with the fantasy and lose ourselves in the world of M.A.Frost. He has presented the characters and their developments. Fictitious it may be, but the question of morality between right and wrong, justice and peace, kinship, and honor happens in real life.

In their world of fantasy, let us travel with Anfan and his stories of victory against his brother Durah in liberating the people of their kingdom.

But just as the clouds of dust and chaos settle, another looming war is brewing. In a world where people do not take their history's learnings, they are bound to suffer the same tragic fate more severely than their ancestors did.

This is a story of mercenaries and tyrants, but more so, this highlights the victory of the united people against their oppressors. The course of history has shaped and molded the people in putting forward a good fight to end any form of abuse. In this story from M.A.Frost's "The Freelancers: The Black Shield and The Red Fortune," we'll get to see how the people have overcome and challenged the powerful sitting in thrones.

Take your best seat and prepare your mind for an adventure filled with mythical creatures, kingdoms, and waging war for power. To end this and give you a hint of what is waiting for you in the book, allow M.A.Frost to leave you this personal quote in life "Authority without wisdom is power in the wrong hands."

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